jewelry box inserts wholesale How to use the Bluetooth audio sent by vivo?

jewelry box inserts wholesale

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  1. wholesale jewelry alabama The connection method of various audio is referred to the following:
    It connection methods of wired speakers: First, connect the audio through the charger, and then insert the audio 3.5mm plug into the mobile phone headset interface.
    It Bluetooth audio connection method: First open the audio Bluetooth switch, and then enter the mobile phone settings-Bluetooth-Bluetooth and search for audio connections.
    Note: There are many types of audio on the market, and some audio may be incompatible with vivo mobile phones. It is recommended to consult a merchant or test it by himself to confirm that you can use it before buying.

  2. miami jewelry wholesale I. The use of small V Bluetooth speakers presented by vivo is as follows:
    1. The tail of the light sound box is switched to NO.
    2. Open the mobile phone to search the Bluetooth connection speaker. After the connection is successful, there is a language broadcast: Bluetooth has been successfully connected.
    3, after the connection is completed, the sound can be used. During use, the blue indicator light at the bottom and bottom of the audio will flash.
    . VIVO is a brand of Guangdong Bobe Electronics Industry Co., Ltd. in 2011. It officially entered the mobile phone market in 2011. It is a mobile phone brand that focuses on
    . Vivo has three major product line layouts of the X series, XPlay series and Y series. Take pictures
    and music are vivo brand genes. In 2014, the internationalization of the vivo brand was fully opened. Except for the Chinese mainland market, Vivo
    This overseas markets include India, Thailand, Myanmar, Malaysia, Indonesia, Vietnam and the Philippines.
    . Vivo is committed to creating smart products with excellent appearance, professional -grade sound, ultimate image, and pleasant experience with the pursuit of fun, vibrant and young and fashionable groups.

  3. geometric jewelry wholesale Hello, first turn on the Bluetooth audio, then turn on the mobile phone Bluetooth to search for the signal of this Bluetooth audio, and then match the connection. After successful connection,

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