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  1. wholesale personalized jewelry Do you have to exchange the ring at the wedding? This sentence has two meanings. I wonder if everyone can see that the first layer of meaning is to fall in the first half of the sentence, which means that some people may consider the wedding. The link of exchanging token; the focus of the second layer of meaning is to fall on the last few words. Is there only a ring that can be exchanged at the wedding? Do you think this is completely depends on the individual, wedding and the communication of the emcee. result. When the newcomers plan their wedding, if they need to arrange certain links, they must explain to the wedding company and the emcee in advance. There are generally weddings in this link, but some newcomers will replace them in other ways, or save time to save time. I think this depends on the needs of individuals. So if we want to exchange letters, can we only exchange rings? I think this is not only a ring! Some newcomers' wedding tokens may not necessarily be diamond rings, or some other things. Perhaps it will be even more special to replace the meaning of diamond ring with other token! Remember at the wedding of a colleague, and I once saw that the token that the newcomer was exchanged was a couple watch, and the meaning was very rich. To the other side of the other party! I feel that this exchange watch is not a deeper token exchange! It feels very novel and special! Some of the rings I know considering the needs of the general public, I still focus on the way I know about the emergence of the ring at the wedding ring. There are more traditional and high -tech ones, and it feels that it can make highlights. If you say that the budget allows, this link in the ring of the ring can indeed have some novel methods! Of course, we must also think about it, will it be exceeded of your own budget! At my wedding, there were arrangements at that time. The exchange link of the ring. At that time, the wedding company arranged us to play with a uniform staff holding the ring box. I also saw at my friend's wedding. I took the ring by the little angel, bridesmaid, and best man. This method is relatively common, and it is the lowest cost (no additional expenditure is needed)! The most common situation we generally see is this type! Of course, there are also tricks! I also used to look at the wedding of my colleagues The newcomer's ring came from a remote control aircraft or a remote -controlled spacecraft. When flying over, some small gifts were sprinkled. It felt very amazing. Essence However, according to my inspection, such a ring requires a lot of additional expenses! Therefore, I did not choose this method with GG at the time, and we also considers what problems occurred in the case of flying. What should I do?! Of course, this method is still relatively stable, but I did not want to take risks at the time. One of the most important reasons was the cost. The fancy way of appearance was at the cost of Money. I also saw that someone's ring was placed directly on the groom, and it was taken out directly when the exchange was exchanged. I have seen the ring hidden in a prop. After a certain ceremony, the newcomer was taken out directly. I also heard that someone's wedding was arranged by the rings sent by Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck, or the clown changed to the ring. It feels expensive! But it is really possible to mobilize some atmosphere! Generally speaking Most of the way of appearing in the ring is to give it a special person! [My idea] Any kind of good idea needs to be realized, which mainly includes the basis of material! For the wedding, the budget is budget, the budget is It must be done, otherwise in the process of weddings, you have read this idea, use it, look at that prop, and want to use it, so inadvertently, you will find that the cost of the wedding must be greatly increased greatly. ! So, for some parts of the wedding, when planning, we must fully consider our budget. Generally speaking, it is not impossible to exceed some budgets, but there must be a limit! The exchange of the ring is a small climax of the wedding, and it is also a place that can attract everyone's attention. The actual time grasp is only a few minutes. We also need to think about it, do you need to spend hundreds or even thousands of dollars for these few minutes! This consideration is clear, come and think about whether you can use some cost -effective methods to make your wedding ring shine! Now Looking from the Internet, in addition to the way we know the emergence of the ring we are familiar with, there are some of them (some ideas are from people's combination and benefits from online people): 1. Use flowers and props It appeared, or appeared in an unexpected surprise. Seeing that someone on the Internet said that hiding the ring in the ice sculpture, the newcomer crushed the ice sculpture together and took the ring. 2. Some people also recommend hiding the ring in the bride's buns, but don't let the bride know that you can take it directly when you exchange the ring and surprise the bride. However, I feel that there is still some difficulty in this way, and it is easy to destroy the bride's shape at the scene. 3. In addition to the remote control aircraft and spacecraft mentioned earlier, you can also use the remote control car to send the ring to the ring. The meaning is that you only love you this way (this idea is mentioned online). Personally, it seems that it seems simple, but it is still difficult. First of all, it is necessary to ensure the smooth ground, and the aisle of our wedding is often paved with red carpets or catwalks. In the process of driving, the car is not easy to adjust in the process of driving away from the track. 4. I also see that the ring is hidden in the balloon in advance, so that the newcomer can shoot the balloon with an arrow and let the ring appear. Personally, the possibility of implementation is not high! Because after all, not everyone is a god archer, and some banquet halls such as the Phoenix Cultural Banquet Hall are not allowed to fly balloons. And if the archery does not hit the balloon, what should the person do? This feasibility is relatively low! In addition, I also see that someone mentioned that the grandfather and grandmother of the golden wedding sent the ring to the newcomer, so that people will receive it. Live a strong love. This idea is good. We see a lot of flowers, groomsmen and girlfriends, or staff to send rings. There are not many meanings in itself. If there is such a wind and grand grandmother and grandma who come to the wind and rain, let them send the ring to send the ring. It will make people feel more affectionate! This can't help but think of the scene where Du Fei and Yiping exchanged rings when Du Fei and Yiping got married in "Deep Love"!

  2. large jewelry boxes wholesale 1. Let the flower girl put on the feathers and wings to send the ring. The meaning: the blessings sent by the angel
    2, put the ring in the ice sculpture, and the hammer is smashed out. A delicate and beautiful flower basket with a hydrogen balloon on it, sending the ring, and then flying the hydrogen balloon. The meaning: happiness rises from this
    4. If there is a stage in the wedding They are put in a pair of white wings, and when the fireworks are put, the hidden ring wings are slowly put down from the ceiling. The meaning: beautiful love
    6, the most touching belongs to this, let the grandparents who have been happy for decades to send the ring, and use real marriage to inspire newcomers to go through their lives happily. Love
    7, communicate with the stylist well, hide the wedding ring in the bride's bun, and take it directly when the ring is exchanged, so that the bride is overjoyed. A lovely remote car is sent to the ring, which is very convenient to achieve. The meaning: I only love you all the way
    9, two flower girls, holding (or holding) two loves, lying down and lying inside inside it inside Following the precepts, the meaning of the heart: the heart of the heart
    10, hidden in the ball ball, let the bride (groom) shoot down with arrows (this risk coefficient and difficulty factor will be relatively high, it is recommended to practice first) Love

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