The characteristics of nickel-molybdenum foam and its practical application field

Nickel-molybdenum foam currently has numerous effective uses, such as hydrogen production., For example, it is widely used for dust prevention. As a kind of porous metal, nickel-molybdenum foam is widely used in various fields because of its excellent performance.

1. Characteristics of nickel-molybdenum foam

This kind of metal in the processing and production process mainly adopts the high – tech vacuum plating deep processing. The combination of nickel-molybdenum and foam sponge, combined with the advantages of both, to create the excellent performance of nickel-molybdenum foam. In the application process, the material itself is porous and the structure is three-dimensional. At the same time, the porous structure has the advantage of sound absorption because of its highly light specific gravity.

At the same time, nickel-molybdenum foam also has excellent ductility, which can be changed freely according to different application scenarios.

In addition, it also has excellent thermal conductivity, and can also be used for filtering materials; ​it is also commonly seen in the field of battery electrodes.

0bc058912c8b1a7ee21be9a332b937592. Advantages of foam nickel-molybdenum

This metal can be used in a wide range of equipment. The use of this metal material can considerably reduce the risk of corrosion and improve the service life of the equipment during use. In the process of application, it can also protect the environment and reduce air pollution. Due to its porous property, its porosity is extremely steep. Therefore, it can also be used as metal filter material, so it is also widely used as one of the filter materials. Moreover, the porosity is essentially uniform, the specific surface area is large, and the collection rate is elevated, so the filtration efficiency is also extremely high in the process of use.

3. Practical application of nickel-molybdenum foam.

At present, this metal is widely used in various fields because of its numerous advantages. For example, the application of nickel foam can be seen in the most common support materials for exhaust gas purifiers, battery electrode materials, metal foam filter, catalyst supports, heating materials for various civil drying equipment, etc. One of the most significant applications is in the hydrogen production electrode, compared with the conventional electrode, its performance is superior.

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