One thought on “What do you say the benefits of diamond -sized carat

  1. Start with the larger diamond, the more valuable views.
    In general, the larger the diamond, the more valuable. However, this is not sure. The larger the diamond ring, the higher the value. The prerequisite is that the 4C quality of the diamond is particularly good. Many carat diamond ring on the market is lower than the 50 -point diamond ring. The important reason is that the diamond 4C level of 50 -point diamond rings is higher than the one -carat diamond ring 4C level. In addition to depending on the quality of the diamond 4C, it is also related to the brand premium. Contact.
    The word carat, derived from Clarks in Greek, refers to long -horn bean trees, a plant that has widely popularized from East Asia to the Middle East. Because its fruits are called nearly consistent weight, and the weight of diamonds is the easiest characteristic of 4C, the early long -horn bean trees are used as a heavy unit for jewelry and precious metals. One carat is equal to the weight of a small horn tree. Cra (CT) is the quality (weight) unit of gems, and 1 carat is now equal to 0, 2 grams or 200 mg. One carat is divided into 100 points, such as 50 points, 0,5 carats, for use as small gems. Because the density of gems is basically the same, the heavier gems, the larger. The larger the gem, the more rare, the higher the value of each carat.

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