Unleashing Power: The LD62-823 5000W DC Permanent Magnet Synchronous Drum Brake Transaxle

The LD62-823 5000W DC Permanent Magnet Synchronous Drum Brake Transaxle offers unmatched power and performance for heavy-duty vehicles. With a robust 5000W output and integrated drum brakes, it ensures safety and efficiency in commercial and industrial applications, delivering superior torque and reliability.


The LD62-823 5000W DC Permanent Magnet Synchronous Drum Brake Transaxle sets a new standard in the realm of electric vehicle drivetrains, combining high power output with robust braking capabilities. Designed for heavy-duty applications, this transaxle is perfect for commercial electric vehicles, high-performance mobility solutions, and industrial machinery requiring exceptional torque and precise speed control.

Product Overview

This advanced transaxle features a 5000W permanent magnet synchronous motor, providing high efficiency and consistent power. It integrates a drum brake system, offering reliable stopping power essential for safety in heavy-duty vehicles.


Specification Detail
Motor Type Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor (PMSM)
Power Output 5000W
Operating Voltage 72V DC
Maximum Speed Up to 60 km/h
Torque 200 Nm
Efficiency Approximately 92%
Brake Type Drum Brake
Weight 85 kg (187 lbs)
Dimensions 700mm x 400mm x 350mm
Application Suitability Commercial EVs, high-performance vehicles, industrial applications

Key Advantages

  • High Power Output: Delivers 5000 watts, enabling vehicles to handle demanding tasks with ease.
  • Superior Torque Performance: Offers 200 Nm of torque, providing significant pulling power and acceleration.
  • Reliable Braking System: Features a drum brake for enhanced safety and control.
  • Energy Efficiency: Achieves an efficiency rate of about 92%, optimizing power use and extending vehicle range.

Design and Performance Superiority

The LD62-823 transaxle is engineered to offer durability and performance under tough conditions. Its robust construction ensures it can withstand the rigors of high-load applications. Additionally, the integration of a synchronous motor with permanent magnets minimizes electrical losses, enhancing overall drivetrain efficiency.


This transaxle is ideal for:

  • Heavy-Duty Commercial Electric Vehicles: Perfect for buses, trucks, and other large vehicles that require dependable and powerful drivetrain solutions.
  • High-Performance Vehicles: Suitable for racing vehicles and high-speed electric cars needing strong acceleration and high top speeds.
  • Industrial Applications: Can be used in electric-powered industrial machinery and heavy equipment.

While the LD62-823 5000W Transaxle offers numerous benefits, its size and weight may require additional considerations in vehicle design, particularly for integration into lighter or smaller vehicles. However, for applications that demand high power and robust performance, it provides a compelling solution that enhances vehicle capabilities and reliability.

This transaxle exemplifies cutting-edge technology in electric drivetrain development, offering manufacturers a powerful, efficient, and safe solution that can transform the capabilities of their electric vehicles. It stands as a testament to innovation in electric mobility, driving the industry forward and setting new benchmarks for performance and safety.


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