High-Pressure Solution for Small Spaces - MPP Mini Plunger Pump


Introducing the MPP Mini Plunger Pump: A compact, high-pressure solution designed for confined spaces. With a maximum pressure of 20.7 MPa and a compact design, this pump excels in various industries, offering efficient performance and versatility.


The MPP Mini Plunger Pump is a compact and powerful hydraulic pump designed for high-pressure applications. It is specifically engineered to excel in confined spaces where traditional pumps may not be feasible. This innovative pump boasts a range of features and specifications that make it an ideal choice for various industries and applications.Its construction is built to withstand the harshest working conditions, ensuring long-lasting reliability. Precision machining, high-quality materials, and rigorous quality control processes are integrated into every unit.


Let's take a closer look at the specifications of the MPP Mini Plunger Pump:

Parameter Value
Product Type (CC/REV) 0.16
Rated Pressure (MPa) 20.7
Rated Speed (rpm) 3500
Max Speed (rpm) 4500

Performance Advantages

Boldly engineered for high-pressure tasks, the MPP Mini Plunger Pump offers numerous performance advantages:

  1. Compact Design: Its small footprint allows it to fit into tight spaces where larger pumps cannot reach.
  2. High Pressure Capability: With a maximum pressure rating of 10,000 PSI, this pump delivers powerful performance for demanding applications.
  3. Versatile Power Options: The pump can be powered either electrically or hydraulically, providing flexibility in various setups.
  4. Efficient Flow: A flow rate of up to 2.5 GPM ensures efficient operation, saving time and resources.
  5. Minimal Maintenance: Its robust construction requires minimal maintenance, reducing downtime and operational costs.

High-Pressure Solution for Small Spaces - MPP Mini Plunger Pump

Applications and Benefits

The MPP Mini Plunger Pump finds applications across a broad spectrum of industries, including:

  • Oil and Gas: Ideal for wellhead control, hydraulic intensifiers, and high-pressure testing.
  • Manufacturing: Suitable for hydraulic presses, metal forming, and precision machining.
  • Automotive: Used in hydraulic systems for vehicle lifts, brakes, and transmission testing.
  • Aerospace: Essential for hydraulic actuators and ground support equipment.
  • Mining: Reliable for high-pressure water injection and hydraulic drilling.
  • Construction: Excellent for concrete pumping and hydraulic tools.
  • Chemical Processing: Essential for chemical injection and high-pressure cleaning.

The benefits of choosing the MPP Mini Plunger Pump include enhanced productivity, reduced maintenance costs, improved safety, and the ability to tackle high-pressure tasks in confined spaces.

In conclusion, the MPP Mini Plunger Pump from Rotontek is a high-pressure solution for small spaces that offers outstanding performance and reliability. Its compact design, versatile power options, and robust construction make it a versatile choice for various industries and applications. Trust in the MPP Mini Plunger Pump to deliver the pressure you need, where you need it.


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