1 thought on “What does 93 foot gold on the ring mean?”

  1. In concept: Gold jewelry is usually divided into full gold and thousands of gold. Among them, three nine golds are 99.9%in color, commonly known as thousands of gold, two -nine gold, and 99%, commonly known as foot gold. Foot gold is a kind of gold.
    The logo: Most of the gold jewelry on the market is equipped with the inspection logo of a quality inspection agency, which clearly marked the precious metal material and purity. The imprint of the foot gold is that the mark of the full gold 999 gold foot gold is "foot gold" 990 gold Gold99G99.
    In color: the higher the purity of the gold, the deeper the color. Visually inspecting the color of gold, the luster is red and yellow, with a color of more than 95%. Pure light will flash under strong light.
    This: Thousands of gold compared with gold and silver and copper with the same weight, the weight is obvious. Holding a heavy feeling in my hand; but not the gold, gently hold it in my hand.
    gold without pure gold, just refers to the gold content of the gold per gram of gold, such as Lao Fengxiang, a gold jewelry such as Zhou Shengsheng. The craftsmanship cannot reach 100 %, so generally, the gold of 4 9 is very purity and it also has the effect of preservation, so the 93 foot gold is not a pure gold.

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