5 thoughts on “Who is on the auction and bought the gold necklace, is it true that it is 999 real gold?”

  1. Gold 999 is called thousands of gold, which is the most gold -contained expression in jewelry; gold 9999 is called 10,000 enough gold, which is usually the gold content of gold bars.
    The price of gold 999 is lower than the Gold 9999. The main difference between Gold 9999 and Gold 999 is purity. Only the national standard No. 1 BRICS and finished gold bars can be marked with 9999. Gold jewelry can only be marked with thousands of gold. However, the Hong Kong region is different from the Mainland standards. The 9999 of the Hong Kong target refers to the purity of the raw material 9999, not the net degree of the finished product 9999. So see where the origin of the gold necklace is.

  2. The possibility is not true. It is recommended not to shoot. If you have already taken it and you ca n’t push it off, you can go to test the authenticity. If you are fake, you can only consider yourself unlucky.

  3. Fake, experienced in person, scammers concentrated camps, refundable refund, customer service inaction, want to spend money to buy lessons, do not stop you.

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