1 thought on “How to solve the diamond in the fourth level of the mobile phone 4399 alerter head”

  1. Find the place where there is a diamond, and then click twice on the third arrow on the left, and you can also click on the fourth -right arrow to complete the topic of the diamond and get the second key.
    . Then go and find a place with a card. When you click the card to pick up the card, there will be a graphic of the palm that prompts you where to put the card, and then put the card in the corresponding place to get it to get it to get it. The third key, then you can clear the level.
    "Pirate" is a game of adventure escape. The game adopts classic pixel style. There are many scenes to explore freely. Many props that need to be collected. By unlocking various tools and clues Find the entrance to the pass and escape! There will be a lot of monsters to attack you, please avoid the monsters smoothly. When wearing a headset, there will be sound when the monster appears or approaches you, please pay attention to avoid it!

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