1 thought on “How to change the old change of the Jue Jewelry”

  1. Baijue Jewelery needs to bring the previous small ticket and jewelry to the point, but there will be depreciation fees for new fees and the like. The specifics need to be based on the store.
    Jewelry jewelry is a more popular way to replace the old replacement. It solves the situation where the damaged jewelry cannot be worn. It also solves the needs of some consumers to pursue less costs and change new jewelry.
    Jewelry with old replacement of new precautions
    The types of jewelry in jewelery are very many, and the replacement rules for each jewelry brand are completely different. This also causes many consumers to change the purchase. Essence We often see media reports that a certain consumers have to buy fifteen grams of gold jewelry to buy fifteen grams of gold jewelry and add money. After returning home a few days before they feel deceived, the complaint is not available.
    Jewelry jewelry is replaced with new types: Gold jewelry replacement is based on gram -class gold jewelry, replaced the price of gold jewelry, and the jewelry of jewelry such as K gold, diamonds, and diamonds. One -time price of gold jewelry is replaced by gram -class gold jewelry, and other pricing jewelry. K -gold changes K gold, diamonds, and diamonds such as diamonds.
    The gold jewelry sold by gram -class gold jewelry is purchased. There are many rules, but the overall is relatively fair. The main composition of the cost is three parts: new jewelry work expenses old jewelry depreciation costs new and old jewelry grams of weight difference.
    The most cost -effective situation is that the jewelry brand is exempted from depreciation fees and does not require the purchase of grams. For example, if you use 10 grams of old gold jewelry to exchange 10 grams of new gold jewelry, add more than 100 yuan new jewelry to work consumption. One of the losses is several major jewelry brands in Hong Kong, which cost about 60 depreciation.

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