How bath health effect better

How bath health effects better

1. Take a shower and then take a bath

Should I take a shower before I take a bath? Some friends think that need, some friends think that the bath can take a bath at the same time, and do not need to take a shower in advance. Experts agree that you do need to shower before you take a bath, as it removes dirt from the surface of the body and it is more hygienic to go into the bath afterwards.There are natural bath bombs china.

2. Warm up before taking a bath

In autumn and winter, when the surface of the body is cool, some people think that it must be very comfortable to take a bath. But experts warn that people should not take cold air into the bathroom, or it will cause discomfort due to the large temperature difference. It is recommended that people do a warm-up exercise before taking a bath to warm up the body before entering the bath bombs china

3. The bath water should not be too high.​

Some friends like to set the temperature of the bath water very high. They think that a hot bath is comfortable, but this approach to the skin and the body is harmful. When we take a bath, we need to stay in the water for a period of time. If the water temperature is too high, it will cause skin peeling and even scalding. If the water temperature is too hot, it will also cause indoor temperature to rise, which is unfavorable to the respiratory system.

What good does a bath do to the body?​

Change the constitution. People with cold constitutions have poor blood circulation and often cold hands and feet. Hot baths have been shown to improve blood circulation, which can gradually improve the cold state: if you add chamomile, cinnamon, ginger or rosemary to the bath water, the effect is even better.

Relieve fatigue. Only by warming up the body and getting rid of a certain amount of sweat can showering help relieve fatigue and relax the body and mind. Experts point out that while showering saves time, it only irritates the surface of the skin, depriving muscles and internal organs of heat and putting the body under stress. Therefore, the best time to shower in the morning is to wake up your body and mind and get you ready for the day's work and study. Before going to bed, it is best to take a bath to relax the body and better prepare for sleep.

Get rid of toxins. Winter temperature is low, the body's metabolism is slow, making a person depressed. In addition, due to the lack of exercise, there is no chance to sweat, and the accumulation of toxins in the body causes problems such as puffiness and dark skin. A comfortable soak in a hot bath will allow your body to drain toxins along with your sweat. Regular baths are also great for removing acne. In the bath, red wine can enter the skin through the pores, stimulate the capillaries, and help the body's blood circulation.

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