jewelry beads wholesale cheap In addition to innovation, what other sound card supports EAX4.0

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  1. jewelry cones wholesale EAX is an early -found 3D sound technology technology, which is used to simulate output, which has nothing to do with digital output. Because the quality of early sound card hardware is generally not high, ordinary computer speakers are also poor, and the purity and analysis of the output audio are poor, so some virtual 3D sound effects are needed to improve the game sound technology technology. However, with the significant quality of sound card hardware and system software, coupled with the increasingly powerful computing power of the computer, and the increasingly high -quality speaker (especially the popularity of 5.1 speakers), the current game no longer no longer no longer anymore Relying on these specifications, because the market is absolutely dominated by the market, the boarding sound card, the plate sound card does not have these computing capabilities, just to complete the audio output. Microsoft DS, WDM, others include EAX2.0, A3D1.0 is actually a furnish In the sense, surround sound game sound effects (such as Dolby Live), this sound effect is no longer virtual, but the real audio material is directly played, which is a new height in terms of positioning and environmental effects. Therefore, the current purchase of sound cards does not need to consider any virtual surround technologies such as A3D and EAX. One of the rarely games supports these sound effects, and the other is no development prospect. Just buy a 5.1 sound card that can output a pure audio signal.

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