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  1. wholesale fine costume jewelry —— Mexico Visa —

    The Mexican tourist visa processing unit
    , 65322070, 65321947.
    Mesh the Consulate General in Shanghai: The 9th Floor A of Qihua Building, 1375 Huaihai Middle Road, Shanghai, Tel: 021-64379585. The collar area of ​​the Consulate General in Shanghai in Mexico is Shanghai. Apply.

    The Mexican tourist visa passport requirements
    Her validity period of more than 6 months, and at least one page blank visa page.

    The required information required for the Mexican tourist visa

    The applicants who apply for a Mexican tourist visa must provide the following materials to this museum:
    1. The applicant unit issued The letter, the letter stated that the name of the person who went to ink, the passport number, the position, the duty, the date of Mo, in the period of time, detailed purpose, and where the travel costs were borne. Please use the unit to formally public paper, cover the official seal and signed by the person in charge.
    . The original business license of the applicant and the copy of the official seal.
    . The applicant's company's in the past three months of taxation forms and a copy of the tax registration certificate is stamped with the official seal.
    . The applicant's regular bank deposit certificate (without specific amount restrictions), and other personal credit certificates.
    5. There is a exact date of air tickets or air ticket orders and photocopies.
    6. The original and photocopy of the applicant's passport and ID card.
    7. The applicant has three recent color photos.
    If the information required to apply for visas in the consulate in Shanghai in Mexico, including: round -trip air tickets or electronic air ticket confirmation forms and photocopies, 1 inch positive color photos, original passports and photocopies, other countries visa copies, related economies, related economies Prove that the monthly income of more than $ 500 in monthly income; real estate certificate under the applicant's name; a fixed deposit, exceeding $ 2,000; or holding international credit cards.
    The text materials above need to be translated into English or Spanish, print or copy with A4 paper.

    The travel visa time for Mexico
    It if the interview with the Consulate General of the Mexican Hezhong State in Shanghai can receive a visa on five working days.

    The travel visa time for Mexico
    except Monday to Friday 4:00-5: 00 holidays and special circumstances.

    -Mexican etiquette customs -

    clothing etiquette
    Mexico's modern clothing is the result of Indian Spanish -style long -term mixing. The costumes of residents in large cities have been basically European, and various styles are available, but the marks of traditional culture can still be seen. The residents' clothing preferences are bright. It is said that this is consistent with the custom of the Maya. They believe that the color comparison of color can scare away the demon and bless all beings peace. Mexican women's hair likes to comb with it, often inserting flowers to decorate, and some also use colorful wool to make hair.
    Mexicans' dressing has a strong modern atmosphere and strong national characteristics. Among the traditional costumes of Mexican, the most famous is "Chalu" and "Zhina Popularland". The former is a men's clothing similar to the Cavaliers, which looks handsome and cool. The latter is a skirt women's clothing, which makes people look noble and generous. Mexicans are very particular about the rigor and solemn dress in public. In their opinion, before the large court, men wearing shorts and women in trousers were inappropriate. Therefore, when in the public in Mexico, men must wear trousers, and women must wear long skirts.

    Itios and etiquette
    Mexicians do not like outsiders to use gestures to scratch children's body. They think that this gesture is only suitable for indicating the height of animals. Essence In the city of Mexico, it is difficult to see men and women on the street. Their custom is that the man follows his wife. In addition, women usually invite men at the ball, instead of the opposite.

    Is seeing the etiquette
    Mo Mexican's usual greeting method is smiling and shaking hands, and also gives kissing and hugs between relatives and friends, but taboo taboos to kiss each other between men and women. Essence The names of Mexicans are generally taught, the father's surname, and the mother's surname. In general, a slightly referred to, that is, only the name of the teaching and the surname of the father. After the marriage, the woman's surname is changed. Before the husband's surname, a moral character must be added to represent the relationship.

    The funeral etiquette
    The urban youth is usually hosted by the priest in the church. After the wedding, a banquet entertains relatives and friends. 11.2 each year is the Dead Day of Mexico. It is a traditional holiday to commemorate the late loved ones. The holiday afternoon holiday for half a day. People set up altars at home, for sacrifice, sitting together, and silently memorizing the dead relatives.

    The business etiquette
    Mexicians' friendship, generous and easy -going business atmosphere to be harmonious and harmonious. When foreigners receive invitations to visit, bring a bunch of flowers, a bottle of wine is sufficient If you bring a craft with your own characteristics, the owner will often be happy. Sending flowers must remember that yellow flowers suggest death, red flowers indicate curse, purple flowers are ominous, and white flowers can drive evil. Many merchants in Mexico speak English, but when you talk to him, it is best to speak Spanish. Especially after you receive a letter written by the other party in Spain, it is best to reply to Spanish, otherwise they will think you lack education.

    The tourist etiquette
    Mexicans believe that men in public places are not suitable for women to wear trousers. Therefore, men should wear trousers when they go to Mexico. Wearing skirts in line with local customs. Mexicans are not only afraid of skeleton, but they also think it is a symbol of fairness. Its art prevails throughout the country, and many stores sell a kind of skull made of sugar. All the foods have little ghosts on all foods. Foreign tourists from Mexico often like to buy such ghost goods as souvenirs.

    S social etiquette
    The meeting etiquette used when acquaintances in Mexican met, mainly to embrace ceremonies and kiss ceremony. In the high society, men often kiss the ladies warmly and elegantly. Usually, they are most used to the name of the name of the target of the interaction, plus the respect of "sir", "lady" or "lady". When going to the appointment, Mexicans are generally not used to arriving at the date on time. Under normal circumstances, their appearance is always about an hour to half an hour in the evening when the two parties agreed in advance. In their opinion, this is a kind of politeness.

    -Mexican food —
    /travel_guide // mexico/food

    is indispensable food for Mexicans. Mexican dishes are mainly hot and sour. The authentic Mexican cuisine is mostly mainly used by pepper and tomato. The taste is sweet, spicy and sour, and more than 90 % of the sauce are made of pepper and tomato. Mexican dishes are divided into front dishes, soups, main dishes and desserts. Among them, soup is lighter to highlight the hot and sour characteristics of the main dish. Tortillas, Frijoles (Beans), Chilies, Guacamole, SALSA, Guacamole, Tequila, Cerveza are the main ingredients of Mexican cuisine. Tortillas is a corn cake skin that is used to wrap other ingredients, and the fillings can have many different types. Frijoles is a kind of beans that can be eaten in tortillas with soup or cooked cooked. Chiles is a spicy green pepper that is often used in Mexican cuisine.

    The typical dishes are:
    TACOS: The corn powder is fried until crispy, wrapped in fillers to eat.
    CEVICHE: Raw fish is soaked in the lemon juice with marinade, and it is often eaten with cut salads.
    Chiles Rellos: A kind of POBLANO peppers with big POBLANO peppers by cheese and bacon.
    : The corn flour is painted with tomatoes and seasoned with chili, stacking vegetables, chickens or pork in. Drizzle acidic cream.
    : The corn flour is baked with cheese. With beans or a little salad.
    Mole Sauce: Use chocolate, chili and thick juice for many spices. When used in roasted turkey.
    PIPían Sauce and POC Chuc: It is a Spanish cuisine. The former uses a green sauce made by pumpkin seeds, and the latter is spice cooked by tomatoes, shallots and spices.
    tamales: Put chicken, pork or turkey in the corn or banana shell, can also add some greens, then add the sauce to season and steam.
    tortas: Mexican sandwiches.
    Tostadas: thin and crispy corn flour pancakes, use Guacamole, acidic cream, pepper, chicken inside.
    In addition to these, Mexican salad also has a strange flavor. Its ingredients are equipped with materials such as cactus and miscellaneous vegetables that are similar to cucumbers. Cocktails are even more cool.

    -Shopping in Mexico —
    /travel_guide // mexico/shopping

    [Basic information] r
    Production and humanistic accumulation. In the city of Mexico, you can buy special products from all parts of Mexico, such as pepper, agave wine and seafood. Synthetic paintings and various handicrafts can be appropriately bargained in shopping in Mexico City.
    The business hours of stores usually open from Monday to Friday, 9:00-14: 00, and then take a nap to rest, and continue to open at 16:00 to 19:00. In areas outside Mexico, some companies travel numbers and stores from 13: 00-16: 00, and continue to open at 19:00 to 20:00 in the evening.
    [Shopping venue]

    Mar shopping malls in Mexico City include Bazar Del Centro, Centro Comercial Plaza, Satelite, Perisur, Plaza La Rosa, etc. Most. Bazar Sabado market and Mercado market is the gathering place of Mexican specialty products, especially on Saturday 10:00-19: 00 Bazar Sabado. Many Mexican specialties such as Sarapes and traditional costumes. The market of Mercado opened on Monday to Saturday from 10:00 to 19:30.
    The downtown in Mexico City, one is the smaller Zona Rosa, commonly known as the powder area. In addition to restaurants and malls, there are some street artists and some handicrafts. The other is Zocalo, which is very large in the center of Mocheng. Zocalo revolves around the ancient building complex in the center of the city. It is eaten, drank, played, and used. As long as you want to be wearing, you can find it in this market.
    [Shopping posts]

    The price of Mexican products is very high, but bargaining is not very good in Mexico. If the price is 15 % lower, it is very powerful, usually only 10 % Essence However, in the market and small stores, you can bargain, you can bargain on the purchase of silverware, and the amethyst and cat -eye stones can sometimes bargain. When buying, pay attention to whether there is a marker of the government inspection of purity -a winged eagle. In addition, pottery, silk high -top hard hat, tin, copper and lacquerware can be purchased. The best place to buy these items is the government -run Volkswagen Craft Museum and Monte de Piedad. Pay attention to buying land and stalling goods. Do not have the mentality of "kill half price", otherwise you will be scolded.
    About taxation:
    The shopping tax: Some merchants will be listed on the price of the items include tax included, IVA/ISH Inclumo is "tax -included", and MAS IMPUESTO is "undisturbed".
    IVA value -added tax: The full name is Impuesto de Valor Agregado, which is generally levied at shops, restaurants and hotels with a tax rate of 15%.
    ISH Accommodation Tax: The full name is Impuesto Sobre Hospedaje, which is generally levied at the hotel with a tax rate of 2%.
    In leave tax: It takes $ 13 to leave Mexico and $ 8.5 at the airport tax. Some air tickets will include such taxes and fees. Please ask before paying the fee.
    Payment method: Merchants and hotels generally accept credit cards (VISA and American Express). The US dollar can be used directly in some merchants, but the exchange rate is low.
    The Ministry of Finance of Mexico issued a decree at the government official daily on April 2, and adjusted the 2006 tax policy, including allowing foreign tourists to apply for refusal tax during shopping during the stay of in -law. This has benefited from foreign tourists from Kaoming and returned to its country through aviation or shipping. Those who want to apply for tax refund only need to fill in the tax refund form and provide the original passport, and the certificate of departure and shopping invoices can be processed.

    -Practical Information of Mexico —

    Mexico climate is complicated and diverse. The coastal and southeast plains are tropical climate, with an average annual temperature of 25-27.7 ° C; the Mexican plateau has a mild climate throughout the year. In most areas, they are divided into droughts and rainy seasons throughout the year, and 75%of the annual precipitation is concentrated in the rainy season. Because most of the plateau terrain in the ink, there are no severe cold in winter, no heat in the summer, and evergreen in the four seasons.

    [Financial management]
    Mo country's currency name Peso, the amount of paper banking has 500, 200, 100, 50, 20 PESO, and the coins are 10, 5, 2, 1, 0.5 PESO. The US dollar can be freely exchanged at airport banks, foreign currency exchange and hotels, and the exchange rate is listed. It is currently about $ 1: 11.20 pesos. The pseudo currency is still heard from time to time. Be careful, please pay attention to your own safety when redemption. When entering and leaving the country, if you bring more than 10,000 US dollars in cash, please declare to the customs to avoid punishment.

    This Chinese embassy in Mexico Tel: 005255-56160609
    ), Call the location of the place -no need to add any crown code; hit Mexico (domestic number outside your location) -01 regional number phone number; call for international calls -00 52 (Mexico national code) 5 (Mexico City Regional number) phone number; Pay the other party paid -020 (local Mexican) 090 (international).
    has three ways to call in Mexico: the first is to make public calls (the most saving money), and then to the Caseta de Tele`Fono or Caseta Telefo`nica, playing in such a place is comparison. There are privacy, but more expensive. The most expensive way is to call in the hotel.

    Afug security
    M Mexico's law and order is not stable, so it is better to be careful when traveling to travel. It is necessary to improve alertness to the strangers around you. If something happens, you can call tourists 24 hours a 24-hour service line: He reported his passport to the nearby police station to report the case. If the police who can't speak English tell him "Poner Una Acta de Un Robo (I am here to report a robbery)", then it is enough.
    It hygiene
    The natural environment in Mexico Due to serious industrial pollution, special attention should be paid to air and water pollution. In addition, mosquito bite and stray dogs on the street must also be particularly precautions.

    Three king festivals: January 6, this day is the day when the three kings of the Chinese Eastern Fang are presented to Jesus. Therefore, on this day, parents should give gifts to minor children. In the evening, relatives and friends reunited to eat the "Three Kings Bread Circle". Several plastic villains or porcelain villains that symbolize the saints in the large bread circle. Those who eat the "villain" first must be invited at the "Holy Candle Festival" (February 2).
    Ilads: Regional folk religious festivals. It is mainly popular in Skaltan Island in Naliate. On June 29th, local fishermen hold a symbolic "saints" rowing race. In the evening, people have been marching and gathered to celebrate the victory of the "San Ship" competition containing the statue of St. Peter and Saint Paul.
    Dorded Lady Lady: The most important religious festival. On the day of December 12, the Catholic Church holds a grand religious ritual at the Cathedral of Gwadaru Pepe under Mount Tepe Yak. Original image. Churches from all over the country also held religious rituals. Before the festival, the Indian people also performed traditional national dances and sacrificed the Virgin in their own way. The celebration will last about one month.
    The guest store festival and Christmas: On December 16-25, the virgin Mary, the virgin of the "Holy Spirit", went to the ancestral registered household registration with her father. Born in Jesus. The guest store festival is part of Christmas. On the eve of Christmas (December 24), each of them set up the decorated Christmas trees and the "Christmas Mark" that simulated Jesus' birth scenes. On this night, the family gathered together and went to the dinner together.

    The bank business hours
    The business hours of general banks are from Monday to Friday from 9:00 to 13:30, and on Saturday and holidays. The bank in the airport was open all day on Monday to Friday.
    Post office
    Opening hours: 9: 00-17: 30 from Monday to Friday and Saturday morning.
    The shop
    Opening hours: usually from 9:00 from Monday to Friday 9: 00-14: 00, 16:00-19: 00, some businesses outside the capital are from Monday to Friday 9:00-13 : 00, 16: 00-20: 00.

    110 volts.

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    1. Geographical location: Central America (if you heard the United States, in the south of it)
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