wholesale handbags and jewelry What brand of proposal diamond rings for your girlfriend?

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  1. wholesale jewelry settings findings When I propose a proposal, the diamond ring that gives a girlfriend is diamond Rubik's Cube, because many girls now like Diamond Rubik's Cube. The style is not the popular style.

  2. wholesale jewelry cabinet showcase A very beautiful diamond ring for diamonds is recommended, the name is "Northern Light Moon Queen". This ring is the new precision upgrade of the Northern Light Girls Ring. Combined with ergonomic design, each line is fuller and smooth, and the hand shape is more fit. The cut surface is 45 degrees, and the cutting work reaches 3 ideal, and the reflectance is as high as 97 %; the new process exudes a unique gorgeous light. The curve leaking pot of the crown crown simply expresses its sincere love. At the same time, the single -inlaid single inlaid with the sapphire and northern light diamonds that symbolize the "loyalty, loving, and firmness", which means promise and truth. In addition to sapphire, there are 11 different colors of Aurora with different colors that can be replaced

  3. below wholesale diamond jewelry The unique and uniqueness is to be suitable for wearing good -looking. Popular single -grain diamond ring is its best choice, simple and fresh, elegant and beautiful, and the small family jasper style finger.
    Rough large
    The rough wide rings seem to be designed for this type of hand shape. The large -grained scope and oval diamonds make it feel atmospheric.
    If it is a personalized design ring, you can cover the rising blue tendons.
    This thin type
    The diamonds in square, rectangular and round diamonds can help it show a sense of reality. If you are equipped with some brilliant diamonds next to the main diamond, your fingers can be colorful.

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