What brand of diamond ring is relatively cheap and affordable?

How big can I buy a diamond ring and what brand can I buy around 3000? Thank you

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  1. Friends, as far as I come to see, I think if you want to buy 3,000 to buy a little cost -effective, my suggestion will be better to buy online. In fact, it is almost the same brand. I think as long as I wear it comfortably, I like it, and I don't like so much.

    In I do n’t know if the original poster has heard that buying online is half cheaper than half cheaper than buying in a physical store or shopping mall, and the online style is more than the style of physical stores. Although I bought it in a physical store at the time, the company also had an online store. The price of their physical stores was the same as the price of the online store. shape. Later I bought it without saying a word.

    I recommend one for you, Fuyue wedding ring, but I do n’t know what you feel, let ’s take a look at it yourself, I think 3000 yuan should be able to buy a 30 -point diamond ring, haha ... The host can go and see! By the way, I suggest that it will be better to go online now! By the way, you can also learn some jewelry and jewelry, as well as professional customer service, you want to know what you want to know. At that time, I talked to them for a while, haha ​​... I personally felt pretty good.

  2. There are many good diamonds at home and abroad, with good reputation, good service, high diamond quality, and good brand. Dmallovo (Marley) diamond ring, creating a perfect proposal diamond ring "Rose Flame", a global original 101 cutting, carved 10 roses into the diamond, allowing the diamond to show the image of "rose petals". Igi and Gemex dual authoritative certification, only one of each thousand diamonds. The ultimate love is proved to the ultimate love, "it is only for one person for one person." High -quality diamonds, affordable people, make true love unlimited, and make every lovers who believe in true love have the ability to customize.

  3. If you want to be cost -effective, the quality of the diamond 4C needs to be moderate, such as: the weight of the diamond, you need to choose the most suitable one within your budget. Choose in the brand, you can choose domestic brands or directly customized. Diamond ring customization is a model of more popular now. For example, Disir diamond ring can combine your budget, free choice of parameters you want, you can truly create a truly created The unique diamond ring, unlike the finished diamond ring, parameters and styles are fixed.

  4. Haha, this price can almost buy more than 30 points in Mcveis. At least half of the brand's up to 30 points is more expensive. In fact, they are the same. Real gold diamonds are really. This one is pretty good and the workmanship is great. I have bought it many times in this house.

  5. 30 points, Fuyue wedding ring. My friend bought one last time and ordered it on the website. The price / performance ratio is not bad.

    Si H color 18K gold. Also give a set of silver jewelry, it is beautiful ~!

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