1 thought on “How to select the pupils”

  1. 1. If the eyes are not myopia or myopia below 100 degrees, you can choose the pupil contact lenses, but the contact lenses cannot, the minimum number of contact lenses is 100 degrees.

    2, the number of myopia is less than 400 degrees (excluding 400) and there is no astigmatism, you can choose the degree of contact lenses directly according to your own frame degree, because the number of myopia is low, the converted results and framework degree The difference can be ignored, so it can be distributed directly according to the frame degree.
    3. If the degree of the contact lenses is not available, there is no degree, then you can choose a similar degree selection. For example, it is 725 degrees after 800 degrees decreased by 75 degrees, and there is no 725 degrees. Essence Under normal circumstances, the lens with a lower degree of selection is more comfortable than wearing a slightly higher point.
    4. If the eyes have astigmatism and the astigmatism degree below 150, one -half of the astigmatism scale can be added to the number of myopia, and then converted.
    5. If the number of astigmatism exceeds 150, specialized astigmatism contact lenses are required.

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