2 thoughts on “How to choose the color and clarity of diamond ring”

  1. 1. Diamond Clearness

    The diamond clarity is divided into eleven different levels, from high to low, FL, IF, VVS1, VVS2, VS1, VS2, SI1, SI2, I1,, I1,, I1,, I1, I1,, I1,, I1,, I1,, I1,, I1,, I1,, I1,, I1,, I1,, I1,, I1,, I1,, I1,, I1,, I1,, I1,, I1,, I1,,, I1, I1,,, I1,, I1,, I1,, I1,, I1,,, I1,,,, I2 and i3, because the clarity above the SI1 level can no longer see the impurities of the diamond with the naked eye, so what level of diamond clarity can only be determined by yourself.

    . What is the right net degree of diamonds

    1, the higher the clarity, the better the diamond. From the perspective of the clarity indicator, it must be VVS, because the purity is high. From the perspective of cost -effectiveness, the price of SI is relatively low, so the cost performance is relatively high.

    2. In the total diamond price, weighs 40%to 60%, the clarity accounts for 15%to 20%, the color accounts for 15 to 25%, and the cutting work accounts for 20 to 30%. In contrast, the color is more colorful than the purity. For customers with consumer experience, buying diamond rings will choose the colors to look white and dazzling. The clarity needs to be seen under a microscope. We can't know this.

    3, the higher the clarity and color level, the higher the price. If some people's economic conditions allow, the price is of course not low. Color and clarity are strict standards that measured on time. High registration naturally has the potential to collect and maintain value.

    . How to choose a cost -effective diamond ring

    1. Choose to trust big brands. The influence of big brands is what we know and absolutely choose big brands worth buying. When you need maintenance, you can provide valid maintenance services to nearby stores.

    2, purchased according to the budget. When purchasing, you must have a budget to control the expenditure reasonably. If the selected diamond ring exceeds the expected value, even if it looks good, you should consume rationally and control your desire to buy.

    3. Buy according to the style. Different styles of design reflect different styles, some are generous and simple, some are elegant, and some are natural and concise. At this time, choosing to choose a beloved is especially important. It must be convenient to wear and dress with yourself.

    4. Buy according to the inlaid process. Different inlaid methods have its advantages and disadvantages, such as claw inlaid, which highlights the position of diamonds, but it is easy to scrape clothes, bags, and skin, so be careful. Such as inlaid, rail inlaid, and bag inlaid are not easy to occur.

  2. If the color of the diamond color, you can choose the H color above. You can't see the yellow tone below the one -carat of this color. IJ color can also choose these two colors with a slightly yellow tone. Essence Selecting SI1 or above can choose diamonds to satisfy usual wear, and the parcels can not be visible to the naked eye. Diamond size is selected according to your needs

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