Can I swim with a platinum ring?

Recently, my mother gave me a platinum ring to me. I was single, but the ring seemed to wear the left hand ring finger. The most suitable for my swimming twice a week is too troublesome. I want to wear it all the time. It doesn't matter

4 thoughts on “Can I swim with a platinum ring?”

  1. Platinum ring can swim. The water of the swimming pool will not be corrupted, mainly because you don't let it break away from your fingers, just fall into the pool. I haven't taken my ring.
    It, I did not get married, and I also had a ring. I also brought it on the ring finger on the left hand. Some friends used to ask me if I was married. I like to bring this finger, I feel comfortable, just look good. Let him say what others say, and then I have my personality at that time.

  2. Platinum is the most corrosive substance on the planet. If the swimming pool can be gathered, the people in the pool have long been transformed into even bones.
    The swimming is fine at all, as long as you don't let it go away from your fingers and lose it.

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