Multifunctional 170cm(waxwork level) silicone doll use experience

Claire: The sexdoll center doll is soft in the hand and can be held to sleep and watch TV and so on. It has sent a lot of dowry, the details are perfect, the eyebrows and fingers are very good, and it is even more perfect after wearing suitable sexy underwear. Every part is very real and soft and elastic, the inside of the D is soft and warm with oil, and the face is beautiful. No one can stand that.

The bbw mini sex doll feels as soft as a real person. It can be put into various poses. It feels very soft and comfortable to enter the body. The texture of the details is very clear, the softness of the body is very comfortable, and the experience is really good. In short, the cost performance is really high. The quality is really good. At least I didn't smell anything, the face shape, the body is very good!

Nicole: Appearance: lifelike and graceful feel: close to the human body full of elasticity Comprehensive: As expected, using this product can not only ensure loyalty to the lover, but also satisfy their own desires. Objective: Because it is a solid body, it is relatively heavy. For me, who exercises regularly, 170 is still bearable. Play and real, it is very comfortable to play. It can indeed seem to be done by heart. The material is also very delicate. I feel a little blush when I receive it.

Ethan: Much better than I expected. I thought it was soft, but the real thing is very elastic. I thought the skin color would be very white, but the skin color is very good. The eyes are very attractive, even though it's a dummy, it looks very vivid. After comparing the choices for several days, I finally chose this shop. After all, it is a big brand. I chose the most expensive one because it is a wax level * The authenticity is still very high and the touch is good.

Matthew: The pictures I received are exactly the same as the ones I showed. They are beautiful! Good quality, fine workmanship, excellent feeling, much better than expected. It feels like a real thing, you like this thing, you play like a real person, you play a little bit out of control, you feel like your kidneys are being ripped out.

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