custom jewelry wholesale near me How to modify FPS in CS1.6?

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  1. ck jewelry wholesale CS increases the FPS command
    It two steps to explain the optimization steps in two steps.
    The first step: the optimization of the hardware graphics card. First of all, go to the next new detonator driver, and recommend the 14.10 version. This driver can overclocking the memory of the graphics card and the core speed. Small guarantee, you can do it as much as you do. First of all, the high level in the display attribute, the adapter inside has a refresh rate. How big is it when the display allows. Because CS's FPS cannot exceed the refresh rate of the display. Your FPS has always been 85 that may be the reason. Secondly, there is also a RIVA
    Step of the display attribute-high level: the setting in the game, there are many information about this, I just used it to sort it out, and made an autoexec.cfg file, and I made an autoexec.cfg file. The setting method of optimizing the parameters uses Chinese to indicate the usage. The specific content of the file is like this:

    // cl_himodels disable high -quality models, thereby improving FPS, the default is 0.
    cl_highmodel "

    // CL_BOB
    This parameters of these BOB series are used to depict the movement of the arm when the player moves, set these parameters to 0, then the player's arm in the game will always be static, which will help to improve FPS.
    Cl_bob "0"
    cl_bobup "0"
    cl_bobcycle "1"

    // fps_max
    sets the maximum FPS value of the game. Generally speaking The frequency of refresh the same frequency. If your machine is very strong, you can set this value to 100, otherwise 75 is enough.
    fps_max "75"

    // fps_moden settings are set on the network online online online online online online online online online online online online online online online online online online online online The highest FPS value. If it is set to 0, then this parameter uses the value of FPS_MAX.
    fps_moden "0.0"

    // GL_CULL to render the screen that can be seen. If it is set to 0, the FPS value will be reduced.
    gl_cull "1"

    // GL_CLEAR If it is set to 1, then the gold coin engine will be rendered on the part of each model connection on the screen, so The picture will feel broken, but it can increase the FPS value.
    gl_clear "1"

    // GL_bish the effect of the light hole, improve the FPS value
    gl_ "0"

    // gl_max_size set the maximum resolution of the map material. CS1.1 is the value of 512x512. For FPS, change it to 128.
    gl_max_size "128"

    //gl_playermip Set the texture effect of the player model 0 best effect (default default (default Value) 1 General effect 2 The worst effect
    gl_playermip "2"

    // GL_PICMIP This parameter is very important. Adjusting it can even bring 20 frames. Its default value is 0 0
    gl_picmip "0"

    // gl_round_down This parameter involves the size of the texture, the default value is 3, the higher the value of this value, the worse the picture quality, and the higher the FPS. ngl_round_down "10"

    // GL_Basides the smooth processing of the player model, thereby increasing FPS
    gl_ "0"

    // This parameter is used to set the perspective effect Essence Its regulation range, from the worst picture quality (maximum FPS) to
    // optimal picture quality (minimum FPS) as follows:
    // gl_nearest_mipmap_nearest
    // gliner_mipmap_nearest n n // GL_NEAREST_MIPMAP_LINER
    // GL_Linemap_Liner
    // Just set GL_NEAREST, delete the mipmap effect can greatly improve the FPS. GL_NEAREST "

    // GL_Wateramp is used to set the water pattern effect. After 0 to 0, the water surface will always be calm, so as to earn FPS.

    // GL_ZTrick extended rendering parameters, as long as the 3DFX graphics card and other graphics cards may cause errors in the old graphics card. Generally speaking, settings are set to 1.
    gl_ztrick "1"

    // mp_decals to control blood flowers and bomb holes in the wall, set to 0.
    mp_decals "" " 0 "

    // gmax_ to control the performance effect of the smoke, set it to 0.
    max_" 0 "

    The number of bullets on the top is set to 0.
    max_shells "0"

    // Adjust the speed of the console. / R_DECALS Set the number of bomb holes in blood or on the wall. This value should not be higher than MP_DECALS setting value.
    r_decals "

    // r_ Set 0 to increase FPS and add increase The range of large vision.
    R_ "0"

    // r_dynamic dynamic light and shadow, be sure to turn off. Turn off.
    r_ "0"

    // r_mmx use the MMX function in the game, players of Pentumii or Pentumii can be set to 1, AMD, Cyan and Cyrix can only be set to 0 to 0 .
    r_mmx "1"

    // violence_ablood
    // violence_agibs
    // violence_hblood n // violence_hgibs to control the various in the game Violent performance effects, such as blood flowers splashing, etc. Close them can earn some FPS.
    violence_ablood "0"
    violence_agibs "0"
    violence_hblood "
    violence_hgibs" 0 " r" r "

    // Command: ex_interp
    // Default value: 0.1
    // The interpolation is used to move the player more smooth when moving from a little point to another point. A player's previous position and position after a certain period of time show his movement between these two points, and this time is set by EX_INTERP. The default setting is 0.1, that is, 100 milliseconds. If the value is lower, the lower the value. Then the movement of players is smoother between these two points. However, this parameter only acts on the machine that modifies the parameter, and there will be no impact on other machines.

    ex_interp "0.02"

    // Command: cl_nopred,, CL_NOPRD, ex_ExtRapmax
    // The default value: 0, 1.2
    // The network code speculation is that the HL engine is in the instant state of the player, and a certain prediction based on its actions, thereby increasing a certain game speed. The use of these two parameters should be significantly reduced to reduce the dull phenomenon in Internet games. It is not necessary to rely on feelings to make certain predictions on the next step of the opponent.

    // cl_nopred settings to 0 are the opening prediction. Ex_extRapmax is the maximum time of setting prediction. The value is set to moderate.
    cl_nopred "1"
    ex_extRapmax "1.2"

    // command :: cl_nosmooth, cl_, cl_
    // The default value: 0, 0.1, 0.05
    // The prediction of this part is the prediction of the screen display, which has nothing to do with the optimization of the network code.
    Cl_nosmooth "1"
    cl_ "0.1"
    Cl_ "0.05

  2. wholesale aquamarine jewelry FPS Ultimate Optimization Guide

    This gamers have encountered the problem of the game screen refresh rate. Everyone knows that the refresh rate of Windows desktop is usually 85Hz, at least 75Hz, so that this refresh rate can produce display screens that do not flash. However, in games and some large 3D software, the refresh rate will be reduced to 60Hz, which will bring severe screen flicker and jitter. After a long period of use, it must be dizzy.
    ati's graphics card must be upgraded to a catalyst version 3.6 or more before there are similar options, called "DirectX covering rate", setting it as "the same as the desktop", you can solve the problem of the problem of the game screen refresh rate too low. Essence
    It always have a "vertical synchronization" option in the graphics card of NVIDIA, which is usually opened by default. After setting up "vertical synchronization", many players face a problem, that is, reduced performance. For example, in games such as CS, the frame rate cannot exceed 60fps, which seriously affects the performance of the competitive level. This phenomenon is common sense for testers. In the test, "vertical synchronization" must be closed to not limit the performance of the graphics card performance, but it has a great impact on the game screen. It is at the expense of loss.
    How to ensure performance and comfort? The root cause of the problem is that the default game refresh rate of Windows is 60Hz. A simple solution is to modify the registry.
    1 In the start menu running, you lose Regedit and determine the registry.
    In the path "HKEY_LOCAL_"
    3 point of the registry editing the search for the search "Monitor" key value. After finding, you will find that there should be similar ", xxx" key, xxx, and xxx of the computer under the branch. This is the maximum resolution of the computer.
    4 Right -click "Modes" to create a new item.
    5 If your computer is 1024x768, the name is 1024,768. If it is 800X600, the name is 800x600
    of course you can also build multiple resolution names.
    6 In the window on the right, right-click to create a new string value, and enter the name1
    8 Double-click "Mode1", the value is set to "85-85, 85-85" The premise of 100-100 is that your display refresh rate supports 100Hz, don't be too high, 85 is standard!
    This is the case, turn off the registry and restart the computer, check the display settings. If the refresh rate has been changed to the set value 85Hz, it means that the modification is successful. 85Hz, the most important thing is that the frame rate is basically stable at 85FPS (if the registry value is set 100, the screen refresh rate in the CS reaches 100Hz, the frame rate can be stable at 100fps). If your computer performance is not good, it is inherently insufficient, and it may be inherently. There are errors.

    It is not the default settings below. You can use:
    "3" (bright, default is 1)
    s_eax "1" The feeling is better, the default is 0)
    cl_cmdrate "80" (the network transmission is higher, as long as it is broadband, LINE can even be 100, ADSL does not do it as if it is 60)
    m_filter "0" ("Turn off the mouse off the mouse off the mouse "Smooth", feel more accurate, and said the same on the CCSK, the default is 1)
    Cl_ "0" (Turn off the weapon animation, the stars are not changed during the march. Small changes are allowed by CPL, so there is no suspicion of cheating. Among them, the most controversial CL_ "0" is also allowed by CPL. Everyone can rest assured. However, you can try it, although the quasi -star is unchanged during the mobile, but it is only virtual, that is, the bullet is still flying according to the original expanded quasi -star ballistic, but it feels easier to aim (long distance). If you encounter encounters It is difficult to control the gun (close). This is a problem with the future, and if the FPS is unstable, even the first shot is not allowed. So 0 or 1, depending on your usual FPS stability and stability. (Stability is 0 unstable or use 1)
    1. First, we need to improve your game frame number to reach the standard. In*: cs1.6 Chinese version of Valveconfig.cfg file, then add the following instructions to add the following instructions Go in. Then change*: CS1.6 Chinese version cstrike_schineSeconfig.cfg file.
    cl_weather "0"
    fps_max "150"
    Developer "
    r_dynamic" 1 "
    r_novis" 0 "0 "
    R_traceglow" 1 "
    r_" 1 "
    r_ "5.0"
    r_lightmap "0"
    gl_max_size "
    prucache" 1 "
    mp_decals "20"
    gl_ "0"
    gl_alphamin "0.25"
    gl_clear "
    gl_dither" 1 "
    gl_" 0 "
    gl_" 0 "
    gl_ "0"
    It will automatically call your content in the valveconfig.cfg file in CS. Note that it is different from 1.5. If you directly modify the cstrike_schineseconfig.cfg file, some of the above parameters will be in you When entering the CS for the second time, it failed.
    Then you need to synchronize vertical synchronization, and turn off the opposite sex filtering and full -screen anti -aliasing. You can find it in the graphics card settings.
    . This config optimizes the FPS. I can sometimes reach more than 230, of course, and of course and of course Personal graphics card is related to!
    The config.cfg file that needs to be changed is*: CS1.6 Chinese version of the one below, other changes are useless!
    In optimization ~! It's easy to get in 200FPS. If your configuration is better, I believe there will be a surprising FPS number

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