4 thoughts on “Without the foundation of painting, how should I begin to learn jewelry design?”

  1. If you want to work in a jewelry company, you need to exercise your modeling skills. Note here that the modeling ability can be embodied in many ways, such as hand drawing or computer drawing, as long as it can show the modeling ability of the object in detail. At the same time, it is necessary to understand a certain process. After all, whether the design can be formed or not needs to be supported by the molding process

    for example, the above hand-painted drawing needs a certain painting foundation, but it is very different from ordinary painting. This painting method has specific skills. For example, if you draw a circle by hand, it may not be very round. But if you use a template ruler, anyone who can draw a standard circle can draw a standard circle. As long as you find the skills and practice them, Everyone can draw beautiful jewelry. As for the technique of painting gems and metals, as long as you search the Internet, there are detailed tutorials

    Why do you need good renderings for commercial jewelry? Because you need to determine the scheme with the customer. Just by saying that the customer can not intuitively understand the final shape of the thing. If there are several exquisite renderings, the customer can choose the desired style and can confidently give the precious gems to you for creation. So this is the meaning of the existence of exquisite renderings. It can reduce unnecessary losses. After all, gems and gold and silver are expensive

    nowadays, many people are doing the concept creation of jewelry. Just like the previous concept car, it is an attempt to broaden the boundary of jewelry. What can jewelry be like? What kind of materials can be used? Where else can I wear it? What other feelings can I express besides wealth? These are the contents of contemporary jewelry design

    therefore, it is not because it is not good, but because it shows a more advanced design system. The design of this kind of jewelry depends more on the results of experiments. In many cases, the materials must be tested first. For some materials, you can only know the general shape, while for some materials, the effect is some random texture. In this case, it is difficult to express it by painting. It is also because of its unique texture that it is the unique jewelry in the world

    like the above design drawings, they are more used to record than to show the final effect to the customer. Therefore, they are usually recorded according to the style of the designer

  2. You can buy some jewelry design books first, or you can find a professional training class to learn. You can also learn some color matching at ordinary times to improve your aesthetic. You can learn from them.

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