5 thoughts on “What gift is better for employee birthday?”

  1. Gifts should be delivered according to their preferences. For example, boys like electronic products. Of course, girls like cosmetics, lipsticks, bags, and of course it will be better to send a shopping red envelope or money.

  2. That is to say, the company's employee said that the company wanted to show that I wanted to buy a gift to give him this too, and there was no sincerity. It is better to hold a small birthday party in a spare time and buy some peanut melon seeds. Singing together, I wish you a happy birthday, and plan to order some small programs to fully feel that the birthday is very happy, happy, and excited. If the company can be good, you can send a small gift, such as a memorial, a birthday hat, etc., do you know?

  3. This is actually very difficult. The things they sent are too ordinary. Employees do not like it, not ordinary, and they have to take time to pick them. Employees may not be liked. In fact, it can be entrusted to third parties. Our company uses the employee Fuli, the employee of the Stepbo Enterprise Fuli Purchasing Purchase, which is really convenient. I don't have to consider what to buy for employees, just let the employees pick it up, there are many types. In the end, the employees picked up what he was satisfied with, and I saved a lot of trouble. The most important thing was that afterwards, the money he spent did not increase.

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