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  1. key chains, card holders, nail clippers, ball point pens, mobile phone holders, etc. creative gifts will change in shape and function. The integration of personalized shape and multiple functions is the highlight of creative promotional small gifts

    1. Key chain, also known as key chain, key ring, key chain, key hanger, etc. The materials used to make the key chain are generally metal, leather, plastic, rubber, wood, etc. It is a daily article that people carry with them because of its exquisite size and changeable shape. The key chain is a decorative article hanging on the key ring

    the key chain has many shapes, such as cartoon shape, brand shape, simulation model and even CPU. The materials are generally copper, aluminum, rubber, plastic, etc., mainly nickel plating or rhodium on the surface of zinc alloy

    2. Some memory cards are very small, and a conversion device is used to enable most ordinary card readers to read them. For example, the micro SD card is very small. In order to be used on the SD card reader and the ordinary card reader, the manufacturer makes a micro SD slot in the middle of an SD card holder, so that the micro SD card can be used on the SD card reader and the ordinary card reader after it is inserted

    3. Nail clipper is also known as nail clipper, nail clipper, lever principle and operation. The user can easily cut nails through the sharp front end by pressing the end of the clipper. At present, there are many types of nail clippers. There are generally larger pieces with nail files, smaller and lighter ones that can be used as Keychains, and some are even printed with cartoon patterns on the nail clippers

    4. The name ballpoint pen first appeared in 1888. An American journalist named John Lloyd once designed a pen with a ball as the pen point, but he failed to make it into a commodity convenient for people to use

    in 1895, commercial non writing ballpoint pens were also sold in the British market, but they failed to catch on because of their narrow use. In 1916, a new type of ball point pen was designed and manufactured in Germany. Its structure was similar to that of today's ball point pen, but its performance was poor, which failed to attract widespread attention

    5. Instrument panel suction cup type. As the first generation mobile phone bracket, the disadvantage is that the suction cup is not firm and the mobile phone is easy to fall; The second generation of instrument panel suction cup type, with glue filling process, can wash the adhesive, effectively solving the defect of the first generation suction cup type mobile phone bracket in the instrument panel suction cup; The advantage of the instrument panel suction cup type is that the instrument panel can be placed in the most comfortable position

    front gear suction cup type. It is installed on the front windshield. The disadvantages are that it is far away, inconvenient to operate by hand, and the installation position may block the line of sight; The advantage is that it is firmly absorbed and won't hurt the car. It's more reassuring; The navigation can be viewed almost horizontally, which makes navigation more convenient

  2. There are many practical small gifts within 10 yuan, such as lighters, notebooks, playing cards, pens, key chains, tie clips, hats and umbrellas. They are not expensive but also very practical

  3. 1. Children's anti-collision angle

    children with small children at home need this very much. In order to prevent children from stumbling when they learn to walk, it is necessary to place an anti-collision angle at the corner of the table. This anti-collision angle like that of small animals is very direct to the heart

    2. Car ornaments shaking head doll

    the cute and cute spring doll has been popular on the Internet for a long time. It is 65mm tall and 45mm wide. The Xiaobian only spent 5.8 yuan to get one.

    3. Small ceramic vase

    flowers can really affect a person's mood in a day. Well, so buy a small vase and try to stare at it every day. You can keep a good mood every day. Sprinkle flowers. I bought this one for Amway. I bought it in a small size, with a width of 6.3cm, an inner diameter of 4.5cm and a height of 20.3cm. Therefore, you know that this vase can only hold a few small flowers. I put it on my desk, which is just right

    4. Bubble bottle

    when many babies wash their hair, they find that their scalp will appear a lot of dandruff when contacting some shampoo with strong cleaning effect. That is because the method is wrong

    reason: the shampoo has strong cleaning power. If it is directly applied on the scalp, it will stimulate the scalp because the surfactant is high. Therefore, you can bubble it first and then apply it to the scalp to reduce this irritation

    5. Makeup brush activated carbon dry cleaning sponge

    makeup is a time-consuming and laborious thing. Who says that washing makeup brush is not? This can help lazy people solve a lot of problems. Just put the brush that we usually brush loose powder and eye shadow on the activated carbon dry sponge for two circles, and the excess powder on the brush will come out

  4. Since you have sent many small gifts, please find some special and attractive ones
    here are some suggestions for you:
    1. You should often hold such activities, and choose small gifts with continuity. For example, postcards (24 letter greeting cards, wooden greeting cards, etc.) and carved products (such as Eight Immortals crossing the sea and Haier brothers, you can send one for each activity)
    2. You can also send flowers, one for each guest. Such flowers can be fresh and can also be technological
    there are many, and you can put your logo! It's printed. If you can't, use self-adhesive. Many gift websites can do it
    I hope I can help you:)

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