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  1. The birthday benefits for employees are the following:
    1, birthday greeting card, the company designed and produced a unified format greeting card, a brief introduction on the greeting card and the signature of the employee's birthday wishes and the company's general manager's signature. The ministry is unified management and distribution.
    2, birthday cake coupon, brand cake shop offers a facial value of 100 yuan cake vouchers, or other single product coupons of various facial value. Employees can book cakes at the cake shop on their own within the prescribed valid date, such as employees ordering cake price exceeding the price exceeding the price exceeded Cake vouchers, exceeding some of the cost employees, do not find change in cake shops without more than 100 yuan.
    3, the company's employees can enjoy the birthday benefits of the year, and the definition date is subject to the date of approval.
    4. When the employee's birthday is proceeded, the date of birth determined by the copy of the ID card shall prevail, and those who have no documents will not enjoy this benefit.
    5. From the date of this benefit, the birthday that has missed the year will not be subsidized.
    6. The issued cake tickets are lost.
    7. The Ministry of Enterprise Management will screen the list of next month's birthday personnel and specific birthday dates based on the date of the submitted ID card.
    8. The personnel management department issued a birthday greeting card and birthday cake coupon in person the day before the birthday of the employee, and sent the company's blessings.

  2. Many large enterprises now arrange employees 'birthday benefits, but when they mention the birthday gifts of employees, in addition to employees' holiday gifts, the other has a headache for employee welfare procurement. The same pain points, the same problem: purchasing employees' birthday gift, either the budget is not enough, or the employee is dissatisfied.
    I. as a senior welfare expert, I can recommend a few of the relatively well -received employee birthday gifts and solutions for everyone. I hope to give HR some references!
    . Life small appliances
    Most of modern workers spend in the office. They basically sleep and eat a meal at home, so many employees will treat the office as a writer to make some simple ones The healthy home appliances are placed directly in the office, and the coding of health is not wrong.
    . 2, 3C digital
    With the generation of generations of generations after 90 and 00, the employee gifts have also changed. In terms of chai oil salt, 3C digital products are easier to win their attention.
    . Customized small gifts

    If the budget is limited and want to be unique, making employee gifts more attractive, you can also try to customize corporate logo for small gifts to reflect the company's intentions. Highlight corporate culture.
    C customized employee birthday gifts, small to advertising strokes, large to electronic equipment customization, and various customized gifts can reflect the company's high attention to its own corporate brand image and effectively promote its own brand image. It is a reflection of corporate culture, a representative of a core concept.
    . Cake coupons
    The most common employee birthday gifts are cake coupons. Generally, companies will issue considerable value cake coupons on the birthday of employees. Share the joy of birthday and the sweetness of cakes, while enhancing the stickiness of enterprises and employees, it also enhances the corporate image in the minds of employees' families.
    In addition to the recommendations of these employees' birthday gifts, there are many types for enterprises to choose from, such as: oil and rice snacks, fresh fruits, daily necessities, maternal and infant supplies, poverty alleviation products, etc. General employee welfare malls are rich in employee gifts and can meet the needs of various types of employees of different types and ages. There are also some companies directly connect to the employee welfare platform. The employee ’s birthday points will be issued on the day of the birthday. There are various consumer channels and use channels in the welfare platform. In this way, whether it is redeeming goods or buying services, employees can use their own preferences to use these employees' birthday welfare welfare. integral. If there are budgets to win, those who do not have a budget can take it. In fact, as long as the enterprise is attentive, employees will always feel the care of the enterprise.

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