2 thoughts on “Is Xiuyu the least valuable jade?”

  1. No

    Xiuyu is not the least valuable jade. Some of the better quality jade have higher prices. The price of Xiuyu is relatively low. The main reason why the price of Xiuyu is relatively low is that the output of Xiuyu is relatively large. The so-called rare jade is expensive, the output is large, and the price is naturally cheaper when there are more circulation in the market. But it is not the least valuable jade. There are many cheaper jade than Xiuyu, For example, quartzite jade (low-grade chalcedony agate also belongs to this category) and carbonate jade

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    because the internal structure of Xiuyu contains water, it can maintain its beauty. However, as time goes by, Xiuyu will be prone to water running. This is also a normal situation of Xiuyu. Usually, jewelry shop owners will soak Xiuyu in clear water to avoid water loss, otherwise the color will fade and affect sales

    putting Xiuyu in water can keep its color, but it appears moist when it is taken out, but after a period of time, it will appear dry and astringent. It can be properly watered and sweated when playing or wearing it. This can rub with human skin for a long time and form a layer of wax on the surface, which can also prevent it from running away

    reference source: Baidu Encyclopedia Xiuyu

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