5 thoughts on “Is it true that when the diamond ring is bought when you buy it for three years?”

  1. 1. Fake, no one will do such a thing, and Chinese well -known brands do not do such things.
    The shop must be a small brand. After 3 years, there will be a question mark.
    2. The diamond ring does not have the function of value preservation. The price of the purchase is too much. The cost price of pure raw materials is about 30%of the sales price. I bought a diamond ring and basically nestled in my own hands.
    3, buying gold ornaments may be preserved, and it is easy to realize.

  2. The diamond ring bought by Yintai Shopping Mall in Laonan County, the salesperson said that it can be refunded after 3 years. It can be taken with a small ticket. The small ticket is carefully stayed for more than 3 years. At that time, I bought them. Refund, the mall is unwilling to admit it, is there no reason to say. This is to induce consumer rights and fraud. Let the mall check that they have not admitted. Sales at the time were no longer dry. Is there no reason to say, who has such a situation, call 12315 complaints! I believe that they have not been encountered by myself.

  3. I repurchased my 5 years later, and I did repurchase today. I used to want to sell it to a person who knows. He is a gold and silver shop and gave me a hundred or two hundred

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