What does pixel led light mean?

pixel led strip light is a module of light that is composed of several light emitting units that can project similar imaging effects. Its main role, can improve the driver's driving visibility, to ensure the safety of driving. At the same time, the projected light will not be too stimulating eyeballs, to avoid the projection of light to the driver or pedestrian, blinding and resulting in danger.


In addition, the pixel led strip light can be self-checked with flow effect to achieve independent lighting partition control. According to the different road conditions and speed, the luminous unit can be independently lit or extinguished to adjust the brightness of the light and control the effect of light imaging. For example, when driving on the highway, if you want to keep a certain distance from the car in front of you, you can use the pixel leading light to project a distance line, and determine the distance from the car in front of you by the distance line, so as to control the speed of driving to maintain a safe distance.

Pixel headlights and matrix headlights which are better​

If from the comprehensive experience, pixel headlights are better than matrix headlights. Matrix headlights divide the main beam into vertical lines, casting up to four vertical shadow areas in front of incoming cars, and have dynamic direction indicators for steering. However, the number of LED beads of the pixel headlamp is about three times that of the matrix headlamp. Relying on the adaptive driving beam function, it can ensure a larger lighting area and a more accurate projection area, not limited to vertical projection.

In addition, both adjust the light cast to prevent blinding, and pixel headlights can also project images, which is a more cutting-edge technology and more flexible lighting. However, the cost of pixel headlights is much more expensive than the former. If there is no demand for this, matrix headlights have been able to meet the needs of most owners. It is a more economical and affordable choice.

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