Solid gold, 18 karat gold to buy who?

With the development of technology, there are more and more categories of gold jewelry, not only solid gold, 3D hard gold, 18K gold, but also 5G gold and ancient gold... But if according to the color classification, it is roughly divided into two kinds of solid gold and 18K gold, then what are the advantages of each of these two kinds? Who to choose when shopping?

1, from the gold content

Solid gold content is generally more than 99%, previously also known as 24K gold, but in accordance with the latest version of the national standards to be implemented in 2016, there is no 24K gold now, as long as the gold content in more than 99% is called solid gold 39bet-đua chó-game giải trí -đá gà-đá gà trực tuyến-đánh bài. The K number is a percentage by weight, and 1K gold is about 4.166% gold, while 18K gold, as the name suggests, is 75% gold.

2, from the color

The color of solid gold is only golden. And 18K gold, because of the addition of 25% of other precious metals, can be made into different colors: white, yellow gold, rose gold, generally called 18K white, 18K yellow, 18K red in the market.

5da240a8f51b11acff6d86fe29175a9f3. From the perspective of styling

With the change of market aesthetic, now solid gold style is no longer "drama" special love, more fashionable and delicate, but solid gold hardness is soft, making some more complex modeling is inevitably limited, and when wearing an accidental bump may cause deformation. And 18K GOLD hardness IS RELATIVELY HIGHER, CAN MAKE ALL SORTS OF MODELLING AT WILL, THE CLASSIC MONEY OF A LOT OF BIG BRAND ON THE MARKET NOW IS MADE BY 18K GOLD.

4. In terms of price

Under normal circumstances, 18-karat gold is only 75 percent gold, so the price is 75 percent of that of solid gold. But in fact, 18K gold labor costs, surcharges and other relative gold is higher. Some stores will also sell 18K gold products as a price product, then the price is higher.

5, from the value of the view

The value of solid gold is the highest among all gold jewelry, especially gold bars, the lowest labor costs. If the purpose of buying solid gold is to preserve its value, it is recommended that you buy gold bars or solid gold jewelry.

The 18K gold working fee is higher than the full gold, and the final purchase price may not be much cheaper than the full gold products. But when the gold is recovered, it does not look at the process, only look at the gold weight and gold content, and the 18K gold products, no matter how exquisite the shape, will not affect the normal recovery price.

In a word, if you are in the pursuit of value preservation, it is recommended that you buy solid gold; 18-karat gold is a good choice if you don't care about preservation and are more interested in fashion.​

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