wood jewelry wholesale Will Russia issue official digital cryptocurrency CryptORUBLE?

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  1. selling estate jewelry to wholesale dealer It was reported on October 16, Beijing time that Russia may soon issue its own official cryptocurrency- "Crypto Dilu" (), in order to calm down for several months of the industry's speculation on the country's technical means. To some extent, this shows that the authorities are welcome to digital currency such as Bitcoin and Ethereum, but "cryptocar" is unlikely to be truly decentralized and decentralized like other digital currencies.
    This news first appeared on the website. Cited local news reports that the Russian government communications Minister Nikolay Nikiforov revealed the above news. However, the news has not yet been officially confirmed by Russia.
    The reports this summer said that Russia is considering creating their own cryptocurrencies, although the Russian government has also adopted a tough position on other digital currencies, saying that they are illegal alternatives of official currencies. The reports at that time did not disclose the details of the cryptocurrency created by Russia, but these reports pointed out that this type of crypto data cannot be mining and mining, and will be issued and tracking by the government like ordinary currencies.
    It, "Crypto" also eliminates one of the main attractiveness of cryptocurrencies. Because some people will say that the entire significance of Bitcoin is that it can be liberated from the corporal of the legal currency operated by the government and achieve free transactions.
    , the "cryptocar" that Russia plans to launch seems to be based on blockchain technology. On the surface, this is at least a kind of power decentralized and helps prevent things similar to network fraud. It is speculated that the ruble and the "cryptocar" can be freely exchanged. The specific situation is unclear. Although the official transactions are likely, the unofficial market is still inevitable.
    This intended to stimulate the online economy of the country, not depend on the foreign currency market or third -party trading broker, and at the same time allow the government to strictly supervise and track it. The report quoted Nikkorov's words, "If Russia does not do so, the European authorities may take a step first."
    The report also stated that during the exchanges between the ruble and the "encrypted ruble", the "cryptocar" needs to provide a certain source certificate, for example, to prove that you get the retail transaction or service document of the "cryptocar". Obviously, these methods are used to prevent money laundering and manipulating currency crimes. However, because the government does not want to fully ban these very popular trading activities and does not prove the hidden transactions of documents, it can be achieved by paying 13%of taxes.
    It is reported that this tax rate will also be applied to any value -added transactions, although it is unclear how this digital currency will be linked to the legal currency.
    Mathe people may think that the Russian government encourages these transactions secretly and profit from speculation and money laundering. But in turn, this is a realistic practice to prevent the market from being completely chaotic. Crypto digital currency enthusiasts may not like the idea of ​​the Russian government to go to the top of the market, but now it seems that this seems to be the price to participate in a major online economic economic activity.

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