wholesale turkish boho jewelry Is the game virtual items be protected by law?

wholesale turkish boho jewelry

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  1. acrylic jewelry watch display stand wholesale Protected by law. According to the provisions of my country's Civil Code and related laws and regulations, virtual property refers to the unstented property form produced by the development of the Internet. Because it has no entity and exists in the Internet, it is called virtual property. When virtual property is the legal property of citizens, it is also protected by law like ordinary property. Virtual property is not only valuable, but its value is authentic.

    . What are the characteristics of network virtual property?

    1, virtual property in the broad sense refers to the network virtual substances that can be owned and dominated by e -mail, network accounts, etc. "The network virtual substances and other property rights that can be owned and dominated by others can be regarded as virtual property in a broad sense."

    2, narrow virtual property generally refers to the property that exists in online games, including the level of the game account, game currency, game characters, skills, etc.

    . What are the network virtual property included?

    The property of citizens includes both tangible and intangible. Network virtual property should be a type of intangible assets. Virtual property can be purchased directly from the game developers, or it can be obtained from the virtual currency trading market. Therefore, virtual property already has the attributes of general commodities, and its true value is self -evident.

    From the perspective of the definition of property in the law, virtual property should also be protected. Market transactions (buying and selling equipment), online virtual property already has the basic characteristics of real property.

    3. Can virtual property be divided into husband and wife property?

    1. If the value of virtual property is small and entertaining, it can be identified as a "special daily necessities for one party", which can be divided as the common property of the husband and wife when divorced; if the value is large, the entertainment is strong Although it is identified as "a special daily necessities for one party", the divorce should be compensated to the other party when dividing;

    2, if the virtual property is small and entertaining, it is even a living tool for obtaining daily life. It can be divided into "common property of husband and wife".

    In summary, the specific searches of the virtual property protection law in Chinese laws and regulations are not searched, but there is a finalized case in the People's Congress. Simple legal regulations, but at present, there is a basis for protection, and greater requirements and regulations on the standardization of virtual property.

    Legal basis:
    "The Code of the People's Republic of China" Article 127
    The protection of data and network virtual property, According to its regulations.
    It 129 Civil rights may be obtained in accordance with civil legal behavior, factual behavior, laws stipulated, or other methods stipulated by law.
    130 Civil subjects exercise civil rights in accordance with their own wishes and are not interfered.

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