wholesale jewelry making supplies findings How many modes of making money to make money by fast hand?

wholesale jewelry making supplies findings

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  1. el dorado jewelry wholesale The mode of making money by fast -moving video can be divided into the following 7 types:
    The official reward
    Clash short videos, the official will calculate the video content, click rate, etc. For example, small videos of volcanic videos will reward video firepower, and firepower can be exchanged for cash.
    The second type: Advertising division
    Now most of the video websites have been opened, which is the split of advertising. The number of times can get 10 to 20 yuan in return. However, the threshold for each platform is different, the rules are different, and this is similar.
    The third type: The master
    It the high click rate you produced, very popular with netizens, a large number of fans, you can apply to the official, make money by clicking the click rate. For example, Tencent: 10,000 click -through rate is 20 yuan, 1.5 million click -through rate is online, that is, a single video click rate reaches 1.5 million, and the highest income is 3,000 yuan. This is just the income of a single video. For example, Douyin Star Map Platform.
    The type 4: Selling
    Short video content display products to attract buyers to buy. For example, in short videos of clothing categories, the models are shot for different and good -looking clothing. After reaching a certain amount of fan, you can open the window and sell it on the shelves.
    Tips: If you sell the product, the video will be fun, otherwise it will make people disgusted. The clever display of the product characteristics, the video production is interesting to attract more people to play and follow.
    : Live
    Inned live broadcast, interacting with netizens, selling their own products, or gifts from netizens. The gifts from the viewers can also be exchanged for cash.

  2. wholesale jewelry high quality Several conventional monetization profit methods.
    1. Selling goods to make money
    Pews do not understand, maybe they will ask, isn't fast hand not recording the daily software of life? How can you sell it?
    If you have played Douyin or fast hand, you will find that many people put their products in the video. Such as clothes, various snacks, handmade products, etc.
    I saw an anchor selling tomato shrimp today. He placed the shrimp particularly neatly, which is a visual feast for patients with obsessive -compulsive disorder. You can feel it. Of course, I think it should be better if it eats.
    The comment area is asking how much a pound of money, which is really attractive.
    I rolled all his videos and found that it was all this kind of shrimp. His fans had reached 190,000, and he also opened a "fast shop". If it was me, I would definitely be too attractive to watch more videos.
    2. Selling tutorials to make money
    The ones not only sell products, but also sell various tutorials, such as about PS, operation Excel, handmade and other courses. The tutorial is on the platform.
    Then accurately recommend users through the fast hand, let friends who like to learn in this area to buy videos. A tutorial can be shared with multiple people. This is a profit, and it is very profitable.
    3. Live to make money
    In fact, no matter which live broadcast platform can give the anchor, the gift from the audience is the money earned by the anchor. Although the platform will receive a certain tax, the final income is also very considerable.
    The news that everyone should have heard of the news of more than 10,000 anchors, these are gifts from the audience.
    But the anchor needs a certain degree of talents and popularity. It may not be able to get gifts without talent and popularity.
    4. Pickling advertisements to make money
    Puke Master will want to pick up advertisements to make money after having a certain fan. In 2018, Kuaishou has launched an advertising marketing platform, which has provided new ideas for making money for Kuaishou.
    , but advertisements are undoubtedly disgusted for users, and no users are willing to watch advertisements. Generally speaking, video advertisements will be ignored by users selectively, which will directly reduce the click -through rate of advertising.
    Therefore, optimization of advertising is a very important link. The way to improve the efficiency of video platform advertising can be divided into two types.
    1 is to enhance the user's interest in advertising, modify the advertisement, and use other forms to make users see that advertisements will not be disgusted, and will not interrupt users' browsing because of advertisements; the second is to improve users The click -through rate of advertising is pushed to users who are interested in this. The more accurate the push is, the better.
    The above is the more conventional monetization methods.

  3. dubai jewelry wholesale Pay content for time limit to check for freenAnswer Hello, I am inquiring for you, please wait a moment, I will reply to you immediately ~nHello, I am inquiring for you here, please wait a while, I will reply to you immediately ~nHello, I am glad to answer it for you. 1. Users who play fast hands can apply for live broadcast and make live settings. Other users can make money and give gifts to make money by themselves. At the same time, you can make money on shopping, advertising, and promotional products. 2 You can reward the names of Taobao shops on the homepage, or endorse some products, and get the corresponding remuneration. 3 In the fast -moving live broadcast, you can exchange money to money when you receive a gift. In the fast hands, virtual currency is fast currency, and the value of 1 fast currency is: flowers, lollipop, glass ball, ice cream. 3 coins gifts are: bananas, lucky stars. 5 Fast Currency Gifts are: Mo Da and Balloon. 4 Make money in fact, the steps are simple. First of all, there must be a large number of fans, real fans, and then you can sell your own products, help others make advertisements, and open live gifts. Only one way is: the popularity, only when it is popular, there will be fans to pay attention to you.nI hope the above answers are helpful to you ~ [Flowers]nIf you are satisfied with my answer, please like it ~ [Blessing]n3 morenBleak

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