urban jewelry wholesale website Which stores can the Shangtong Card of Zihexin spend?

urban jewelry wholesale website Because it was sent by someone else, and there was no packaging paper. I would like to ask which stores can be brushed and the whole country can be brushed?

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  1. charles albert jewelry wholesale Department Store: Decathlon Shopping Mall Yizhuang Store Chenxi Department Store Gemini Store
    fertilized Blue International Shopping Center Parkson Shopping Center (Fuxing Store)
    Seart Shopping Center Department Store
    Gu friend department store (Yonganli) Guiyou Department Store (Fangzhuang Store)
    Department Store (Mobile Hall)
    It Beijing Book Building Xidan Shopping Center
    Juntai Department Store Huatang Shopping Mall (Daxing Store) n Huatang Shopping Mall (Asian Games Village) Huatang Shopping Mall (Shilibao Store) r
    Huatang (Feng Taipei Road Store) Huatang Shopping Mall (Xizhi Store)
    Huayu Fashion Shopping Center Lisheng Sports Business Building
    Caixin Century Shopping Mall Sanli Department Store
    Zhongyou Department Store New World
    Cuimi Building Cuiwei Building (Mudan Garden Store)
    The Ganjiakou Building, Beijing Wangfu Jingmei Building (one to four floors)
    Chenxi Department Store International Trade Store Chenxi Department Store
    Parkson East Fourth Ring Road Store Decathlon Shopping Mall Big Suburban Pavilion
    Carrefour (Tiantongyuan) Wangfu Jinghuatang Puhuangyu Store
    Carrefour (Fangyuan Store) n Carrefour (Fangzhuangdian) Carrefour (Malian Dao store)
    jia (Shuangjing Store) Carrefour (Zhongguancun Store)
    Ouantong Supermarket Fengtai Store China Resources Supermarket Jingtong Store
    2 stores
    Ti China Resources Supermarket Zhongyou Store China Resources Supermarket Huaqing Jiayuan Store
    Ti China Resources Supermarket Oriental Store Wanliu Store n China Resources Supermarket Zhujiang Store China Resources Supermarket Jiuxianqiao Store n China Resources Supermarket China Resources Supermarket, China Resources Supermarket
    The China Resources Supermarket Enshili Store China Resources Supermarket Shuangyu Store
    Ti China Resources Supermarket Huilongguandian China Resources Supermarket Guangcai Store
    Sihuan Store
    The China Resources Wanjia Supermarket Division Temple China Eastern Ginza Store
    Carrefour (Tongzhou Store) Ouantong Supermarket Jin Siji Store n Wangfu Jingyang Huatang n home decoration: Haomei Weiye mahogany furniture Nordic style (Beijing flagship store)
    Jewelry jewelry: Furry Diamond Diamond Diamond Folk Jewelry

    Mimi West Cake Shop Post News Tongda Mobile Phone Business Hall Beijing Dushi Wind Clothing Belt Co., Ltd.
    Tianhe Liangzi (Asian Games Village) Mudaniko
    The Tianhe Tonako (Qingzhu Store)
    Tianhe Liangzi (Changhong Store), Dili (Jinyu Building) n (Air China Building) Connect Fitness
    Thema Dance Furniture Furniture Department MCA Fitness Club (Jiaotai Store)
    Mahua Fitness Club (Xuanwu Store) Egel Club
    (Yizhuang Store)

    (((((Beiwa Road) Yuefu Automobile Decoration (Xiyuan Store)
    ( Asian Games Village)
    (Yansha Store) Yuefu Automobile Decoration (National Store)
    (Datun Store) Yuefu Automobile Decoration (Panjiayuan Store)
    Huayue Auto Repair Hairunda Automobile Service Center
    Buopu and Xinxin Guarantee Co., Ltd. (Auto Insurance) Yuefu Automobile Decoration (Xisanqi Store)
    month Fukomoto Decoration (Ganlu Park)

    Thisy love and beauty health hall (Tsinghua Store) Junwei Yaya Beauty Salon
    Na Yun Beauty Beauty (Fucheng Store) Nayun Beauty Body (Shuang'an Store)
    Na Yun Beauty Body (Na Yun Beauty Aesthetic ( Cuiwei Store) Na Yun Beauty Body (Meihui Store)
    Extraordinary space (professional men's beauty institution) (Haidian Store) Extraordinary Space (Professional Men Beauty Institution) (Chaoyang Store)
    Meiji Professional Nursing Center
    The beautiful angel women's fitness club Beautiful Jiayi Beauty Beauty Fitness Club
    美 美 美 International ESPA Health Hall Li Jiazi image design
    Gong Nongtang hairstyle
    This is beautiful and beautiful
    The extraordinary space of Xinmei (Sanyuan Bridge)
    Na Yun Beauty Body (Shilihe Store) R N Million Manor West City No. 5 Store at Athena Greek Restaurant
    Million Manor (Guorun Building) Million Manor World Trade Tianshito Store
    Million Manor) Million Manor (Zhichun Road Store) Million Manor ( Wine theme restaurant)
    Million manor (Western Cowboy theme restaurant) Million Manor (Extreme Sports Theme Restaurant)
    Million Manor (London Street Theme Restaurant) Million Manor (Navigation Diary Theme Restaurant) r r
    Million manor (old -fashioned camera collection theme restaurant) Million Manor (Aviation Theme Restaurant)
    Million Manor (theme restaurant in the rain) Million Manor (Motorcycle theme restaurant)
    Million manor (old -fashioned train theme restaurant) Million Manor (Cup Jiu Life Theme Restaurant) Manor (European and American Storm Theme Restaurant) Million Manor (Mudan Garden Store)
    Million Manor (Gongtian Store) Sararal (Heping Store)
    Er (Fangzhuang Store)
    Adds -worship steak in the United States (Gongtian Store) American Steak Steak (Beijing Hotel)
    Kazakhstan Catering Maxim Restaurant (excluding cafes, buying outside)
    Million manor (Fangzhuang Store) Million Manor (Xinxing Hotel Store)
    Million Manor West Zhizhi Store
    Name Xuanlou Yuxiang Family Parkson Store
    The Yuxiang Family Unite Building shop Yuxiang Family Jianguo Gate Store
    Delicious Restaurant (International Trade Store)
    The delicious treasure restaurant (Heping Store) Fragrant incense (Xidan Store)
    n Da Sanyuan Restaurant (Jingshan Store) Fulinmen Jinge Restaurant (International Hotel)
    Yanyi Tower (Fuxing Store) Chaowangfu
    Qiaojiangnan (Beida Store) Wuyue Water Township
    Xiangjiang Famous City Hong Kong Weizi Boutique Hot Pot R
    China Ticketing Online China Ticketing Center

  2. wholesale costume jewelry suppliers uk Pay content for time limit to check for freenThe answer does not support JD.com. Can only be used in physical stores.nAsk if you can buy it first before you buy it, can you buy it?nAnswer these places in Beijing can use Beijing and believers to pass cards: capital and letter department stores, Shuang'an Shopping Mall, Changan Shopping Mall, Beijing Xidan Yuecheng, Parkson Shopping Center, Contemporary Mall, Yansha, Ceter Shopping Center, Beijing New World Department Store, Beijing New World Department Store, Beijing New World Department Store, Beijing New World Department Store, Beijing New World Department Store, Beijing New World Department Store, Beijing New World Department Store, Beijing New World Department Store, Beijing New World Department Store, Beijing New World Department Store, Beijing New World Department Store Wangfujing Department Store, Guiyou Building, Beijing Book Building, Xidan Shopping Mall, Xidan Shopping Center, Juntai Department Store, Huatang Mall, Financial Street Shopping Center, Cuiwei Plaza, Cuiwei Building, Huayu Fashion Shopping Center.nIt is possible to charge the bill before buying.nAt present, the capital and believers have opened card swiping merchants in more than 20 cities across the country, and the scope of use has moved from Beijing to the country. At present, cities that have established branches are: Heilongjiang Province, Jilin Province, Liaoning Province, Dalian, Tianjin, Nanjing, Chongqing, Chengdu, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Nanning, Shenzhen, Haikou, Fuzhou City, Haikou City Xiamen, Wuhan, Zhengzhou, Xi'an, Taiyuan, Shijiazhuang City, cooperative merchants cover the whole country.n3 morenBleak

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